Gaslighters are pathetic people

Gaslighting. Envy. Haters. Green Eyed Monster. Tall Poppy Syndrome. The Law of Jante.

These are people who create and spread smear campaigns, gaslighting, bad mouthing, lies, accusations and turning against, because of their own insecurities, inadequacies and fear of other peoples success.
You tried to ruin my reputation by brainwashing people with lies about me.
You are petty and pathetic. I see your lying antics.
You need to accept that we all have talents and that we are not in a competition.
Hold your own and grow up.

I follow my souls purpose and you need to focus more on your own soul, personality and life, instead of being hell-bent on trying to diminish mine.
You are failing pathetically. The more you try, the more you are showing everyone that you are a very small and unevolved person.

Those of you who follow the gaslighters, you let yourselves be brainwashed.
You are not conscious about that they are feeding you with their personal one-sided opinions about me, which arises from their unconscious projections and their envious and jealous shadow sides.
You are so naive that you take it in as facts. You do that because you do not know me.
You are so unconscious that you do not even realize that.
You are mentally not too bright, you are emotionally easily led astray and you lack discernment.
You never took the time to talk with me, but chose to listen to smallminded insecure ego-bruised people, who cannot handle being near my light.

You  – the gaslighters – and you – the dumb sheep who follow the gaslighters.
I see the great gift that you have given me. You are showing me your true nature. Yes, you are showing me your true character, whilst you still have not taken the time to get to know mine.
Can you see the joke that you are?
You do not know me and at the same time, you show me who you are. You are the one believing that you know me, based on someones elses opinion. I see that you are dumb enough to accept a reality, that is bend in the shape of someone elses opinion about me.
Thank you for the clarity, that you have served about yourself. I appreciate it.
Your rejection and absence makes my work and life more easy and pleasant.

Those of you who have the intelligence, decency and maturity to meet me, talk with me, experience my sessions and create you own opinions about me, you are the ones who have the IQ to see things from two sides.
You are the ones I enjoy working with and spend leasure time with.
You are the only type of people that I wish to be around. Smart and spiritually evolved people with discernment and courage to think for yourself and do not let gaslighters lead you astray with their projections of their personal shadows.

You gaslighters will fall when you use being-against-Linda as a way
of gluing together your own community. You.will.crash.hard.
Because truth and karma will get you. Simple as that.