Spoon bending

Changing matter with consciousness.
We already know that it is possible, but it is fun to see it happen with something as solid as spoons.

Sceptics often need a solid proof and here it is.

In a meditaitve state, I rest in alignment with Being and when I focus on the spoon, it bends.
I firstly ask the spoon if it wants to be bend. Sometimes they say no! This has to be respected of course and another spoon will be asked.
When there is consent, I ask the spoon to show me in my minds eye, what shape it wants to be bend into.
Then I relax and when the moment of alignment is right, we bend. The spoon enjoys it, I enjoy it and it shows the world that we can affect physical matter with consciousness.

It only takes a moment to bend the spoon. In the state of alignment, the metal become soft and malleable like dough.
After bending spoons I feel energized. There is a natural hightened vibe that comes with alignment. This alignment is what we enter when we meditate and spoon bending is just a side-effect of it.