Day six since the transition

… all these SimBeings moving around in SimCity. SimLinda senses the warmth of the sun, the windflow of traffic and sounds of communicating two-legged, four-legged and winged SimBeings both near and far. The SimBeings movement is fluid like liquid animatronic. We are all Muppes animated by the awareness of the Universe.

All colours have more pixels – full HD! House facades, clothes, cars. Purple and faded orange are the clearest purple and faded orange ever percieved! 

The silence in SimLinda’s head is a stark contrast. Silently observing. Silently sensing.

Silence of the Universe is much different than silence of the mind. Silence of the Universe is experienced when there is absence of the silent mind. Silence of the mind is a sudden halt in movement of thoughts. Thoughts are legs walking, one foot infront of the other. Silence of the mind is a sudden halt in that walk. When thoughts move, these thought-legs move forward again.

The all-pervading timesless state of undisturbed.
Silence and peace are percieved attributes of this timelessness.
When spiritual teachers give satsang, they talk slow with pauses in between the sentences. The slow pace and pauses are not because of considering the right formulation of words.

It is because of the silence in their heads. Absence of Mind. Words comes as impulses from the Universe. It could be described as channeling the Universe through the silent SimVehicle. Not as trance channeling but the Universe permanently permeating every atom of the empty SimVehicle, sending impulses to speak, which breaks the silence.

Word-waves on the ocean of timeless silence….

Skriv et svar