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We all need guidance on our spiritual and personal journey.
Whether you are new in the field of spiritual evolution or you are advanced, there will be obstacles and confusion that need to be dealt with.
A mentoring session will always aim for clarity guided by spirit guides and the universe.
If you feel stuck, gaining clarity and pointers will fast forward you to
peace, freedom, self-efficacy, presence, and wisdom.

Many people get stuck when they have experienced the light and wrongly assume that they have become enlightened. The light is not enlightenment. The light is an expression of the formless, your eternal Self. The formless Self is that which is prior to creation and gives rise to everything in creation. Merging with the formless Self leads to experiencing reality as one. There is no separation.
With this perspective, everything in form is melted together. There is no duality. No light or dark. Just oneness.

A mentoring session encompasses healing yourself and your life and when you are ready, merging you with your eternal Self.