2nd wipeout – Just like that. June 2020

… and just like that, on a random day, I told the fabric behind existence that I was ready to merge with it. In the mind’s eye, I saw a fiery beam rising on the right side of my torso, and a white beam with light blue edges on the left side of my torso. The backside of the head tingled as usual and felt the openness of my crown chakra.

All it took was a brief moment. Linda got vaporized into nothingness. Like a handful of baking flour being blown into nothing. The holographic character named Linda dissolved in an instant.
The whole Universe fell into the body. Like a massive heavy tangible oceanic wave coming from behind, entering the back of the body and filling up forwardly into the front. Filling up the body, brain and face.

Everything seems foreign. This state of looking through a camera lens has for years been coming and going periodically, and for some time, everything has been permanently experienced as a hologram.
This moment of vaporization was different. This moment happened two days ago and still everything is more solidly foreign and undefined.

I don’t know who lives in this apartment. Feels like I’m in a stranger’s home, sleeping in her bed, wearing her clothes, and eating food from her fridge! Could make a joke and say “don’t tell Linda!”, but Linda doesn’t exist anymore. Linda will never come home and walk through the front door. I moved in the second Linda got vaporized. She did ask for it herself.

So what is now typing on her computer? The fabric behind existence, now inhabiting Linda’s body. I’m dressing in her body as well, naughty me!
Staring into the mirror and seeing that this body is impersonal. Could as well be observing through anyone or anything else. You for example.
There’s no one making Linda’s body move. A warm animated dancing corpse full of grace, peace, ecstasy, laughter, love and creation.

Yours truly and the truth of who you are –
The fabric behind existence

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