Sleep do not need to arrive

For several years my body has experienced rounds of no-sleep for 2-3 days and it has happened circa a dozen times. I usually refer to this as rounds of kundalini insomnia or highs due to a lack of a better term. It is physical alignment with Source and the physical energy goes into full force. It feels like being fully plugged into unbound eternal life force, connecting the universe with 100% of my body-vehicle awareness.

It usually occurs after a powerful meditation. The body is awake and the mind is fresh. It goes on for 48 to 72 hours with an average of around 60 hours. During these physically awake hours, I feel energized and have very little appetite. Food preference is typically fruit or something raw, cold and fresh. If I eat a hot meal, the body’s vibration is lowered a bit and this can assist in getting back “normal” sleep pattern.
I do not wish to go back into a normal sleep pattern, but my current lifestyle requires it.
I am still being sensitized to “no sleep” or “plugged-in awake” and with time I will adjust my lifestyle, so it completely matches the evolution of my energy system.

During the “plugged-in awake” hours I do not feel hyper but just normally refreshed and energized. Emotions are light, calm and joyous. Consciousness is clear and focused as normal.
One or two naps of two to three hours can occur, but then I wake up quickly. It feels like I’m being flung out of sleep and into intense alignment with Source and life force itself.

In this “plugged-in awake”-state, it is always interesting to see how other people respond to my energy field. In the queue in the supermarket, people in front of me turn around and look disorientated. Behind me, people are either moving closer or further away from my body and everyone’s state of mind is visible on their faces. In a meditation class, three people who were sitting in front of me, had kundalini risings. Two were doing zigzag movements with their back and the third started to shake. On the street, a woman passed by at a 1,5 meter distance and told me that I was taking up the whole space of the pavement due to my energy field. Strangers who are in a negative mood steer clear of me and people who are happy pass by in closer proximity. Insects land on me and pets also notice the energy and come closer.

It is always interesting to observe how sentient beings react to this heightened and aligned physical expression of life force.