Spirit of One

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Online and in-person sessions
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My name is Linda Løwebeck and I have come into this incarnation to help people find their way back to their Self with clairvoyance, mediumship, starseed nature, healing, shaktipat and kundalini awakening to reestablish your consciousness with your multidimensional self.
At Spirit of One, you will find paths to self-evolution, alleviate suffering and re-establish your inner happiness.
Expanded consciousness is your essence.

To explore and expand, check out the sessions.
While you are on Earth, you can experience healing, liberation and realization of your true free Self.

From stressed to serene
“Consciousness is the essence of existence. When we recognize the connectivity in reality, wisdom and serenity occurs. Everything we have experienced in our journey through life leads to learning, but this learning can stagnate when we cannot see the grander whole. With clarity you come in contact with aspects that were forgotten or overlooked and discover completely new aspects. With recognition and healing, you achieve more vitality, freedom, and lightness.
Life becomes safe,  fun, effortless and synchronicities increase.”