UFO & ET contact with CE-5 Copenhagen

CE-5 is a peaceful meditative practice for contacting UFOs & ETs.

CE-5 Copenhagen is a conspiracy-free and meditative UFO and ET contact group.
The content is based on The CE-5 Initiative developed by Dr. Steven Greer and his work Sirius Disclosure and CSETI.

CE-5 Copenhagen was founded in the spring of 2018 and facilitates Skywatch meditations based on CE-5 and ET contact protocol. This is available as an app and can be downloaded at siriusdisclosure.com/apps

The purpose of CE-5 is to experience direct contact with UFOs and ETs of the type Close Encounter of the 5th Kind (CE-5). This is done by inviting UFOs and ETs to a bilateral contact achieved through meditation. The contact can be registered with electronic devices and experienced through the physical senses and observations. Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) can also occur. Our intention is to connect with ETs and UFOs from an inner state of universal peace and love. ETs want to interact with calm people who are sincerely ready for contact.

Skywatches begin around sunset on the first Saturday of the month according to the Sirius Disclosure Global CE-5 Initiative calendar, and Saturday around the new moon, according to the EtLetsTalk Global CE-5 Initiative calendar. These dates are ideal and within 24 hours on those dates there will be CE-5 groups located all over the planet, who are doing the same CE-5 contact meditation. This creates a global 24-hour contact network that strengthens the invitation for ETs and UFOs to show up.
As all CE-5 activities are based on voluntary work, it is not always possible for CE-5 Copenhagen to hold Skywatches. You are also encouraged to make your own Skywatches based on the CE-5 guidelines. A detailed manual to do so is freely available on the CE-5 Copenhagen website in the Content section.

IMPORTANT: Alcohol, marijuana and drugs are strictly prohibited AT ALL of CE-5 Copenhagen activities. Only mentally and emotionally stable individuals can join. Anyone who is into conspiracy theories or suffers from paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, depression or other serious psychiatric diagnosis or uses any form of psychotropic drugs is prohibited from participating. The reason is safety and consideration for the individual who experiences contact as well as consideration for the rest of the participants. The contact experience can trigger old unprocessed emotions that the person may not be ready to deal with.

CE-5 Copenhagen is neither political nor religious but is both spiritual and scientific in our approach. We are only interested in direct contact with UFOs and ETs in a peaceful manner and use equipment to detect it. We do NOT engage in discussions about politics, secret government documents, conspiracy theories, UFO crashes, etc. For these broader aspects of Ufology, there are other Danish UFO organizations.

CE-5 Copenhagen wants to contribute to the CE-5 initiative – the global movement founded by Dr. Steven Greer through his work CSETI and Sirius Disclosure.
We encourage everyone to study The CE-5 Initiative as well as the UFO and ET phenomenon.