The psychics and the non-psychics

Being born psychically switched on feels like everybody else are handicapped. They don’t know that they are psychically switched off and they think that you are the weird one.
This is not saying that psychics are better than other people. It is saying that psychics are different than other people.
Whether a person is better or worse than others should be based on character, not psychic abilities.

Psychic senses are traditionally referred to as the six clairs.
Clairvoyance – psychic seeing: With the mind eye, it is images from present, past and future lives – yours and others, spirit beings and dimensions. With open eyes, it is spirits right in front of you, auras, orbs and interdimensionals.
Clairsentient – psychic feeling: The ability to biologically feel the emotional state of another being or thing, also via distance and in other lives. Humans, ETs, animals, plants, rocks, innate objects, the elements, the elementals etc.
Clairauditive – psychic hearing: To hear voices as words or speech or sounds either inside your head or right outside your ear from non-physical beings or situations.
Clairolfactory – psychic smelling: To notice fragrances from deceased people or from past or future situations or different timelines.
Clairgustance – psychic tasting: To taste flavours and textures from food not eaten by yourself. It can be what someone else had for dinner a week ago or a decade ago or what a deceased person or animal used to eat.
Claircognizant – psychic thought: This is often referred to as a sixth clair (not the expression sixth sense, because that encompasses all the clairs). This is about knowledge, precognition and telempathy coming from seemingly nowhere.

To put you in my shoes, being born as a psychic, imagine yourself like this:

You are born with five physical senses but everyone else is only born with four.
Only four senses are recognized as real by society and science. They tell you that your so-called fifth sense is just something that you are imagining.
“You have been watching too many movies”, “oh so you think you are some kind of witch?”, “Are you sure that you are alright? Maybe you should talk to a doctor”, “you know, there are medications to stop hallucinations” and “do you really think that a random person like you, has some abilities that others don’t?”. The list of examples is endless.

Imagine that you are born with the physical sense of hearing and all other people are born deaf. You grow up in a family, society and world, where everyone communicates with sign language. Thus you have learned sign language because that is how you have been communicated with since birth.
But as a child, you are clearly aware that you can hear sounds. You signal this to a few people. They shake their heads in disbelief and signal back that you are weird.

As a teenager, you start to hear sounds even more clearly and eagerly signal to everyone around you and everyone signals back that you are completely coo-coo.
You are at your wit’s end because SOUNDS ARE REAL! The birds are chirping, the wind is swooshing and humans and animals make sounds themselves, they just aren’t aware of it, because they cannot hear their own voice or others’ voices. Since everyone around you signals that only you can hear these “sounds”, then there must be something wrong with you, because it would be illogical that there is something wrong, odd or missing in everyone else.
Well, guess what.

“Normal” people are handicapped compared to psychics. Normal or more accurately – the majority – of people are not aware of their limitations, because that is all they know and it is what science has proven so far.
The majority of people are non-psychics, unfortunately.
The world will be a better place when psychic abilities are recognized as normal and people will be encouraged to develop it.
Everyone has it innately and latently and it can be nurtured, cultivated and evolved. Some people are just born with very active psychic abilities like some people are born with magnificent singing voices. Most people can with singing lessons become decent singers and a few will always sound awful, but they do still have a voice.
You can also see it as the non-psychics only have a rear-view mirror to navigate with through life and psychics have both a rear-view mirror and side-view mirrors. If you have only ever navigated with a rear-view mirror, you probably find it difficult to envision having side-view mirrors.

Shoutout to all my fellow psychics all around the world, in all worlds, in all timelines and in all past and future lives!
Shoutout to all the people who lovingly support us, even though they have not (yet) developed their innate psychic abilities. We love and appreciate you!

There is hope for humanity.

To all you arrogant, stubborn, envious, narrow-minded and ignorant skeptics who mock, laugh at, ridicule and bully the psychics.
You can either become respectful, open and curious about psychic abilities or your type will die out this century because your understanding of reality is fossilizing.