Shaktipat grace & Kundalini

Shaktipat grace / Rigpa Transmission Kundalini Resonance
– shivapat and pranapat

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“Shaktipat makes you remember that you are Source”
Linda Løwebeck, January 2022

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With shaktipat transmission, your consciousness is expanded. Remembering of the formless and the awakening of your dormant kundalini, which happens through kundalini resonance. This leads to greater inner awareness and increased vitality and will at some point lead to experiencing the state of Samadhi. For most people, this requires longer practice but for some, it can happen during the first session.

Linda Løwebeck’s Shaktipat background
Linda has been working with her kundalini energy since her spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2003 at the age of 19. This became the start of her kundalini journey and deep meditative practice.
Over the years she has received shaktipat around 80 times and
has practiced with various shaktipat transmitters. Linda has given several hundreds of shaktipat grace transmissions, both in-person and online.
By transmitting shaktipat, the natural state of formless non-dual consciousness, and gently awakening your kundalini through shivapat and pranapat, Linda shares her beingness with the receiver and the receiver will by resonance naturally adjust to his or her natural inner state of being.

Shaktipat transmission has been known for millennia and is the transmission of the essence of formless non-dual awareness, which gives rise to and permeates everything and everyone. Shaktipat means the descent of grace.

Kundalini resides at the base of the spine in the root chakra and as it awakens, it seeks towards merging with the crown chakra, clearing every energetic obstacle on its way. When kundalini pierces through the crown chakra, you will reach realization of your true and eternal formless Self. The Self of non-dual consciousness.

Stupa, Christiania, København

If it is your first time experiencing shaktipat transmission, be prepared for a life-changing experience. It catapults you into an expanded state of awareness, increases your vibration, and can inspire you to improve areas of your life.

Psychic abilities can start to unfold and if ESP is already open, there is an increase in perceiving with the psychic senses.

After experiencing shaktipat, life becomes broader and more clear. There can be a longing for a more healthy lifestyle and natural intuition becomes more present. Life becomes more satiated and meaningful.
There can be periods where adjusting to this can feel like inertia and some may add some changes to their life that has to be dealt with.
All of this is the natural re-alignment with your authentic Self, so give it time, patience and nurture.

You will receive shaktipat with both shivapat and pranapat. Shivapat is the formless constant. It is the primordial essence of existence that embraces you and you will experience consciousness going through and merging you with your being. You will merge with your natural Self, the all-permeating consciousness of everything in existence. Shivapat comes from the non-dual and pranapat comes from the physical, and both types of shaktipat leads to healing, expansion and samadhi.

Pranapat awakens your kundalini in the physical dimension and it rises to transcend and blend with the non-physical.
Kundalini works through all energetic blockages in the body and mind, which can be quite intense.

It can be experienced as a ride through joy, tremors, deep calm, bliss and non-dual consciousness, deep connectedness and images in the mind’s eye.
You can also experience memories rising to the surface and process feelings of fear, grief, resistance, anger, negativity, trauma etc.
Various bodily sensations can occur such as temperature changes, energy swirling in the body, muscle tension and tingling, the body resting heavily on the surface or experienced as a light body.
Out-of-Body can also occur (OBE) as well as meeting and sensing spirit beings.
As kundalini awakens from being dormant, it is felt moving through the meridians, chakras and body so the physical, emotional and cognitive dimensions are cleansed by your natural life force vitality.
All these experiences lead to increased inner clarity and you will stand stronger in your core self.

It is safe to receive shaktipat, as it is an inward journey where you meet yourself, expand and heal. Kundalini lifts your vibration and feels like you are getting an internal bath.
At any given moment you can get out of the process by just choosing to do so.
Open your eyes, get up and walk around. Get grounded by eating some food, doing physical movements, taking a nap and connecting with nature. 

Are you ready?
You must be relatively mentally healthy as shaktipat brings everything in your consciousness to the surface. Therefore you must be ready to face everything about yourself and your life. If you suffer from mental illness, it is better to wait until you are better.

Send an email if you have any questions about whether you are fit for shaktipat.