Treasurer of the Psychic Association

It is with great joy that I reminisce over the past two years when I held the position of treasurer of the Psychic Association in Denmark.

Everything is impermanent and whilst meditating during New Year on the night of the 31st December, I was shown visions of where to lay my focus in the coming year. It was visions of nondual presence, shaktipat and the realm of the manifested, more psychic work and involvement with aliens and hybrids.

Sadly, the position as treasurer was not in the vision and in the following months leading up to the General Assembly in March, I contemplated the decision to resign.

And so it had to be. I resigned as treasurer and a new treasurer was elected.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I reminisce over my time on the board.

A big thank you to the board and for our time.
I wish you great prosperity and exciting endeavors to come for our organization.
I am still a part of the Psychic Association as a regular member.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. The fragrance is gently swaying in the air.