Seeing The Holy Spirit

In 2015, I attended a Sunday sermon at the Pentecostal church in Nørrebro, København.

I sat in the front on the right side of the row of seats, with a clear view of the stage to my left, and the preacher was lit up with the presence of Jesus. After talking about Jesus for a while, he called upon The Holy Spirit to arrive. Minutes went by with intense praying and then I saw with my psychic vision, with open eyes, The Holy Spirit suddenly appearing on stage.

It looked like a roll of fog, covering the stage from end to end and it was about half a meter in height. The colour was opaque white like a dense fog. It is also known as the waterless mist. That is probably the most accurate description of what The Holy Spirit looks like. It appears as a mist / fog and it is interdimensional, so there are no physical water molecules to create the fog.
Thus it is indeed a waterless mist. Said in modern words, it looks and feels like an interdimensional fog.

The picture shows a representation of my psychic sighting of The Holy Spirit

It glided forward from the stage on its own, rolled over the edge and down onto the floor. It spread out and moved over the floor towards the worshippers. As soon as it came in contact with people, like fog passing through, some of them would shake and cry in bliss. It continued moving toward the back of the room and filled up the entire space. The air was thick with its presence.

The effect of The Holy Spirit manifests in many ways. One of them is activating the kundalini and many of the worshippers showed signs of that. Their bodies were twitching and swaying, standing or sitting with their arms up in devotion, some were laughing and some were crying and speaking words.

I am forever grateful for this sighting. We can all call upon The Holy Spirit to guide us, heal us and clear the path so we can move forward in life with safety, health, happiness and blessings.

Thank you Jesus!