Prices & Booking

When booking, please write the date and time that you prefer in the PayPal comment field.
PayPal/Spirit of One

Cancellation policy
Send an email minimum 24 hours prior in order to have the amount refunded.

Before the session, prepare by writing down your questions. Do not send the questions to me. You keep them as notes to yourself for your own overview. The more concise the questions are, the more concise answers are provided by spirit guides.

Private sessions take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the hours from 12 pm to 9 pm
Group sessionssee Events
All sessions take place in Danish time +1 UTC (daylight saving time +2 UTC)

Prices for Shaktipat group sessions
The price for Shaktpat group sessions varies according to the venue, location and various factors. Check out upcoming group sessions in Events.

Private session
There are three types of private sessions.
1. Psychic, medium and live healing
2. Shaktipat / Rigpa Transmission ॐ Kundalini Resonance
3. Mentor

Prices for private sessions
Prices are listed in Danish Kroner DKK and Dollars USD and are incl. VAT.
Prices are the same for the different types of private sessions.

When purchasing a package of your choice of 5 or 10 sessions,
you will get a 10 % discount.

Prices for single sessions
90 min. – 2400 DKK / 350 USD
60 min. – 1600 DKK / 235 USD
30 min. – 820 DKK / 120 USD
15 min. – 400 DKK / 60 USD

Notify if I may use it on social media, marketing, teaching material etc.

Sessions take place online on Zoom
If you do not already have Zoom, you can download it for free at Zoom
and choose the option Zoom Desktop Client

The recorded file
It will be sent to your email with and you have one week to download it. The link expires after one week. The file will only be sent to you unless otherwise agreed.