Psychic, Medium & Healing


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Clairvoyance (past-present-future in this life)
I look psychically at themes and situations based on your wishes and see how your past and present affect your life and which potential opportunities there are in your future timelines.

Regression and progression (past and future lives).
All incarnations happen parallel since there is only one Now and time is only a physical perception.
I look into past and future lives / parallel lives. I see and sense how themes from these lives affect your current life.

Mediumship – Deceased and interdimensional Beings
Often one needs to get clarification in some areas with people and animals who have passed away. By contacting the deceased, they are invited to a mediated conversation. This means that they show up in astral form and you can have a dialogue with them with me as a medium. It is also possible to have a dialogue with other interdimensional beings such as spirit guides. These can be humans, animals, elementals, ETs, angels etc. There is huge biodiversity in the different dimensions.

Healing / remote healing
This is done by tuning into you and seeing energies in your life and your body. Everything can be healed because everything is energy. Healing of people, animals, body, things, buildings, relationships, situations, places, etc. Time and distance are irrelevant.