And as Linda stood there on one of the first sunny days of the year in March, in the pursuit of sushi for lunch, waiting for the packed order to be shouted out loud, I melted into everything. The edges of the body vanished and my gaze melted into Omni-focus. Perceiving everything from the perspective of everything.

This dissolution of the I has been happening spontaneously over the last couple of years and has gradually stabilized over the following months, and this is the true real perception of existence. Non-dual and dual simultaneously, which is in its essence Non-dual, because it is everything. To perceive everything via everything – all at once and eternally. Not only is the undefined Self the source and expresses itself as everything, but the Self also perceives through everything – simultaneously. The buildings, the sunshine, the humans, the asphalt on the road, the sky, the aliens, demons, angels, elementals and all beings in all dimensions, in all timelines and timelessness.

There comes Linda’s sushi order and I am the consciousness of the food that she is eating, the utensils, cardboard box and the plate.