Day 15 since the transition

The impulse to snack in the evening has subsided. It has only occurred a few times and as a faint echo. Faint enough not to act on the impulse.

More tensions in the right jaw hinge and right side of lips and tongue dissolved spontaneously. The release also goes down underneath the right ear. The right ear itself feels so clear, that I can feel the cool air from the right nostril in the right ear canal.

Woke up the day after with a metallic taste in the mouth. It came from a dental crown in the right lower jaw and the taste was an old flavour from the dental crown procedure, made in 2004. This further indicates release from the tissue (and dentist checkup!)

Living daily life with normal administrative busyness has become a challenge, because of the deep inner silence. Looking from the outside it could look like some sort of mental hibernation, but it is the result of deep inner tranquillity. In moments of activity, I get as much done as possible. Many days I have woken up not recognizing where I am, though being at home. This has happened now and again over the last few years, so it does not make me anxious any longer, as it did in the beginning. I just observe. There is nothing really else to do. At some point during the morning, the awareness of where I am comes back. This non-definition of my whereabouts has become more livable.