It’s a ghost!

Uuuuuhhhh it’s a ghooooost!

Ghosts – as they are called in layman’s terms, are the energetic body of a Being. An individual. And as such must be treated as an individual – with respect, calmness, empathy and healthy boundaries.


A ghost feels like a cobweb in human size and shape. When they brush against your skin, it feels like the softest etherical silk and has an almost “humid” cool temperature. Think of fog. That kind of humid cool.
They choose how they want to show up and how physical they wish to be present. They can show themselves as a flimmery transparent silhouette, it can look like a smoke-like shadow, a cloud in the room or feel like a breeze. They can be visible in full HD with colours similar to a physical person. They can look like orbs in white or colours. They can touch you and it is usually gentle. It is very rare that it is intense and uncomfortable.

When people and animals die, they shed their physical body, which contains the densest layers of their personality. As they spend time in the spirit realms, they learn from their life story and evolve. They learn from the life lessons and grow as a soul.
In the spirit realms, time does not exist, so what seems like 6 months for us, can be traversed in an instant for them, because they move in consciousness.

Ghosts are as diverse as physical people. Most are pleasant with some issues and a few are dark and unpleasant.
When you encounter a ghost, chances are that they are just normal regular people.
It can be someone who knew you or a distant relative, for example a great great grandparent. Someone who died before you were born. It can also be a close relative. Have a chat with them and meditate with them. Be receptive to their communication in images, emotions, sounds, touch and taste. If the two of you had a favourite dish, they can show the vibration of that particular flavour and you can taste and relive the fond memories of sharing a meal. You can also meet them in dreams.

A ghost showing up in your waking state can also be someone who is in astral eiter awake or because their body is sleeping. Sleep is also known as “the small death”. Indeed when our physical body falls asleep, our astral body detaches and moves around in the dimensions.
The controlled form of astral travel is known as OBE – Out-Of-Body Experience and can be learned. OBE can also happen spontaneously when you meditate, receive Shaktipat, do Breathwork or any kind of energy work, are under anesthesia or have an NDE – Near Death Experience. There is an energetic stream that connects your astral body to your physical body and when your soul pulls it back, the physical body is permanently let go of. Death.

After a night’s sleep, we return to our body and the body wakes up. Or the body abruptly wakes up and your astral body is yanked back.
Most often people do not remember their astral adventures in the dimensions, though it sometimes happens. You can ask your spirit guides to help you with remembering more from your astral state. They are happy to help.
Dreams are a combination of real astral travel memories and the brain’s processing of subconscious intellectual, emotional and physical impressions from daily physical life.
In reality – physical life is the dream state and the dimensions are the larger real reality.

Summa summarum.
You become a ghost every time you fall asleep. Yes – you. Ghostly you.
Those who have finished their physical body are regular people. It is much fun to hang out with ghosts and you can ask them questions and they can ask you questions.
An interdimensional hangout.