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Enhance your psychic abilities
Private intensive course with Linda Løwebeck

*** PSYCHIC COURSE –  1:1 ***
Enhance your psychic abilities
8-week private course 1:1
Price: 3800 USD
PayPal/Spirit of One
A total of 48 hours of training.

Sign-up for the course
Transfer via PayPal and send an email to with your expectations, past experience and goals with the course.

In this private course, you will receive classes and enhance your innate biological six psychic abilities.
After this course, you will psychically perceive more of the multidimensional reality and align further with who you are. You will unlock your innate psychic abilities and reality becomes magical. You will have more sensorial navigational mirrors and everyday life becomes much more fun, exciting and easy to navigate.

By taking this course you will
*Expand your multidimensional sensing
*Training your six different psychic abilities
*Handle it ethically
*Dissolve your psychic blockages
*Get used to daily life with psychic perception
*Increase manifestation and flow
*See your life becoming easier to navigate

Twice per week
This is an 8-week program with two classes per week. Each class lasting 3 hours, 48 hours in total.
One class consists of three hours of knowledge, ethics, practice and dissolving blockages.
I will be available throughout the weeks for follow-up questions, dissolving blockages and guidance.

Date & Time
Wednesday and Sunday for three hours from 5 pm to 8 pm.
The weekly days and time can be adjusted to your preference.


Week 1
Class 1 + 2.
Course overview and a taste of practicing the six different psychic senses
Intro to mediumship and channeling.
The ethical psychic (example: keys to car, drivers license)
Ethics and karma consequence boomerang.
The clients personal situations as examples.
Maturity, wisdom and humble spiritual ego.
Soul readiness, past lives psychic sensitivity
Spirit guides will shut your psychic abilities down if they are misused

Week 2
Class 3 + 4.
Clairvoyance – psychic seeing: With the mind eye, it is images from present, past and future lives – yours and others, spirit beings and dimensions. With open eyes, you see spirits right in front of you, auras, orbs and interdimensionals. 

Week 3
Class 5 + 6.
Clairsentient – psychic feeling: The ability to biologically feel the emotional state of another being or thing, also via distance and in other lives. Humans, ETs, animals, plants, rocks, innate objects, the elements, the elementals etc.

Week 4
Class 7 + 8.
Clairauditive – psychic hearing: To hear voices as words or speech or sounds either inside your head or right outside your ear from non-physical beings or situations.

Week 5
Class 9 + 10.
Clairolfactory – psychic smelling: To notice fragrances from deceased people or from past or future situations or different timelines.

Week 6
Class 11 + 12.
Clairgustance – psychic tasting: To taste flavours and textures from food not eaten by yourself. It can be what someone else had for dinner a week ago or a decade ago or what a deceased person or animal used to eat.

Week 7
Class 13 + 14.
Claircognizant – psychic thought: This is often referred to as a sixth clair (not the expression sixth sense, because that encompasses all the clairs). This is about knowledge, precognition, telepathy and telempathy coming from seemingly nowhere.

Week 8
Class 15 + 16.
Intro to mediumship and different types of channeling.
Discernment between own mind and sensing spirits communication.
Spirit guides, ETs, angels etc.

Your multidimensional psychic abilities are about to unfold.
I look forward to working with you.