Linda Løwebeck

Psychic medium and healer.
Shaktipat grace vehicle.
Counselling from interdimensional Beings.
Spirit of One (since 2013)
CE-5 Copenhagen (since 2018)

“In this incarnation, I’m a sassy psychic ET who heals the world with shaktipat grace”
– Born in 1983 (Xennial).
– Five times Sagittarius with the Sun in Sagittarius and stellium in Sagittarius
with the four planets
 Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptun.
Two times Leo – Moon and Ascendant.
Two times Libra – Mars and Venus.

My surname Løwebeck means Lion Creek.
The vowel Ø (the O with the diagonal line through it) is a rune letter in the Viking runic alphabet.
A remnant from our Viking ancestors into modern times.
In the Latin alphabet, Ø is spelled OE.

Since childhood, I have experienced ESP abilities, also known as Extra Sensory Perception / clairvoyance and mediumship.
I see many deceased, different beings, feel healing energy in my hands, precognition and visions of future events, aura vision, seeing orbs daily in colours and I have direct dialogue with my spirit guides.
In childhood and youth, my experiences were not understood by my surroundings, which led to a long inner and outer journey to understand that I am just born like this. I am a starseed, a precursor and a First Contact Specialist (UFO and ET contact).
Inborn psychic abilities are rare but normal within its own genre and something everybody has within them and can cultivate.

I am born and raised in København, Denmark, and my family is Danish. There was a relative who was from a British-speaking Protestant island in the Caribbean.
Not a Catholic Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking island. I am not Catholic or Muslim.
My religious background is the Danish state religion Evangelical Lutheran Protestantism.
As a teenager, I learned about Buddhism and I am therefore inspired by both Protestantism and Buddhism. In Christian terminology, I am born with the gifts of grace to prophesy, heal and communicate with spirits.
The relative from the Caribbean is the reason why I do not have blond hair but naturally reddish brown chestnut coloured hair and beige skin tone.
I never had any cultural influence from the Caribbean relative and grew up only Danish in Denmark.
And no, I am not adopted.
My roots, personality, native language and culture are therefore Danish.

For more than 25 years (since the 1990s), I have been meditating daily, doing psychic medium sessions for people, collecting crystals and building my esoteric library.
I have received over 400 hours of healing sessions to clear my energy, heal past trauma and raise my vibration.
ince 2005, I have received more than 200 hours of Rosen Method – emotional bodywork therapy.
I have also received over 200 hours of psychic healing and acupuncture to release old patterns and create the clarity needed to handle situations of “transference-countertransference” in the counsellor / client session in my consultation Spirit of One.

Over the years I have read many books about esoteric knowledge and got my spiritual experiences confirmed in that way.
In 2004, I became a member of the Theosophical Society for four years, then the Rosicrucian Order for the following two years and periodically Buddhism and Christianity. These fields have given me an understanding of my ESP abilities and put it into place for me in the interdimensional reality and non-dual awareness.

In 2013, at the age of 29, I was ready to develop my inborn psychic abilities to a professional level and received training as a psychic medium at Lone Hertz’s psychic school Magicinyou over a 3-year period with training and lectures around every month.
I have also taken a course in crystal healing.

Since 2013, I have worked professionally with Spirit of One and have had over 1000 clients for psychic medium and healing sessions.
I am a member of the Psychic Association in Denmark, where I have also served as treasurer.

Since 2016, I have trained with various shaktipat practitioners and developed the ability to awaken people’s kundalini and gently support and balance the energy. In 2019 and 2020 I dissolved into samadhi and since then have been transmitting grace from samadhi. Therefore I practice both shivapat and pranapat.

In 2018, I established CE-5 Copenhagen / CE-5 København, a meditative UFO and ET contact community, which I am the daily leader of and run it alongside Spirit of One.
In 2020, a TV station requsted to join a CE-5 Skywatch with their camera crew and I’ve done multiple interviews and workshops about the CE-5 contact protocol and the results.

In 2019, I started playing with telekinesis (get an object to move), because I several times managed to make an object gently spin.
In 2021, I started using psychokinesis (change the shape of an object) to bend spoons with meditative focus and light physical touch.

My abilities are psychic with the use of all the psychic senses and also mediumship, healing, telekinesis, psychokinesis, samadhi shaktipat grace and kundalini resonance. Over the years I have trained with several shaktpat vessels. When moving around in the psychic realms, I have healed countless of spirits, animals, humans and ETs. I have astral walked many places, interacted with many ETs and various beings for 40 years. ETs are a part of the enormous biodiversity which exists both physically and interdimensionally and I have had these experiences since childhood.

As a client, you will receive sessions that transform your life, bring clarity and dissolve old energy.
You will stand strong and free in your sovereignty and your multidimensional consciousness, as the magnificent individual that you are.
Welcome to Spirit of One.

Educations & Activities

Treasurer at Clairvoyant Foreningen
Psychic association in Denmark

Development and International Relations / Global Refugee Studies
2nd Master degree

ICT, Learning & Organizational Change – ILOO
1st Master degree

KAB Digitalisation team
Not-for-profit housing organization

Since 2018
CE5 Copenhagen
UFO and ET contact

Founder and leader

Since 2016
Samadhi shaktipat grace – shivapat and pranapat – kundalini resonance

Nutrition & Health
Bachelor’s degree
Ankerhus, Sorø

Psychic counsellor and mediumship educations
 Psychic school Magicinyou

Since 2013
Self-employed at Spirit of One

Serato vinyl


Team leader of
Festival and Event, Copenhagen
Team member at
REACT and KONO Business, Sierra Leone
Humanitarian entrepreneurship
Organization RETRO

Kindergarten and adults
Kyoto and Osaka, Japan
Working-Holiday Program

TFT – Thought Field Therapy


Brofman Foundation
The Body Mirror System
ision Workshop