Physiological configuration

In the days up to it, the Universe showed me visions of Linda’s face from different angles. These visions came without a context, but am used to all sorts of visions, so did not take much notice of it. Then the evening came when I spontaneously told the Universe that I am ready to merge. Not Linda melting into the Universe, but requesting that the Universe melts into Linda and it should do whatever it took. The two nadis Ida and Pingala flared up, the tingling and then vision of pulverization of Linda’s face. Then the Universe filled up her body from the inside, entering from her back. Like a body container being filled up with the presence of the Universe, like a water balloon. Followed by a minute with heart palpitation at a rate that would be similar to running up a flight of stairs. Nothing extreme, just noticeable. Next came a life review. It sounds cliché but it happened. Visions of flipping through Linda’s life like a photo album. The next two nights I had nightmares. Nothing horrible but just uncomfortable.

There is no spacing out in expanded awareness. Awareness has dropped into Linda’s body, like water into a container – after Linda got pulverized. I feel more unflickering solid than ever experienced before. It is true, that the personality must dissolve to empty the container, and then there will be made space for the presence of the Universe to fully enter the container.
It took 20 years and it’s worth it.

Skriv et svar