Ramana visited

In March whilst I was giving online shaktipat to a person, in the midst of it, Ramana Maharshi suddenly appeared to my left. He morphed into my auric field and together we transmitted shaktipat to the person.

Ramana stayed in my auric field for 10 min. and then disappeared. I felt a strong merging with him and the blissful essence of primordial consciousness was thick and palpable. A few days later in a meditation I recalled his presence and felt the merging even stronger.

Over the next couple of weeks I connected with Ramana in meditation and discussed the avatars of the Earth, the nature of Self Realization, the different stages of Self Realization and consciousness after the dissolution of the mind.

One night he merged with my limbs. First he flooded into the left arm, then continued like a river down inside the left leg and filling it up, then the right leg, torso, right arm and head. It felt like liquid consciousness pouring in.

Before Ramana’s visit.
In January 2020 I visited Tiruvannamalai and Mt. Arunachala for one month. I could feel the spirit of Shiva and Ramana several kilometers away from Mt. Arunachala. When walking on the mountain, the energy was felt deeply embedded in the nature, shrines, caves and the ashram Sri Ramanasramam.

There was a constant sensation in my accommodation one km away from the foot of Arunachala and Ramana’s ashram. I enjoyed spending most of the time just sitting alone in silence in my room, without disturbance from other humans and without walking back and forth to the mountain. The vibration of this avatar Ramana was right there in the room, permeating the fabric of existence.

While in Tiruvannamalai, I visited Lord Virupaksha’s cave for meditation. In deep meditation, Lord Virupaksha’s physical body dissolved into powder one evening some 400 years ago. Ramana often went to this cave for meditation. In my meditative conversations with Ramana in March 2021, I asked Ramana why he did not dissolve into powder as well. Dearest Ramana replied “Not all avatars make it”.

Ramana lived as a living example of divinity in the flesh. A beacon for millions of people and for many generations to come, who will find refuge and liberation in the eternal presence of Ramana Maharshi.