Uninstall your traumas

A lot of people unfortunately think that the best way to deal with trauma is to reprogram them.
There are plenty of self-help teachers who promote this.

I am vehemently against reprogramming because the original trauma does not go away. You just have a different feel, attitude and ways to live with your traumas. You still carry the energy of the trauma, even though you manage it better.

You do not need to live with your traumas in any way, shape or form! The most efficient way to deal with traumas is to completely uninstall them. Do it thoroughly and with all the details and layers in each trauma. Completely dissolve them and the result will feel and be experienced as if you never had the trauma to begin with. It will become a distant memory that you barely remember because it is no longer in your system. Not in your body, your emotions, your mind or your life.

Then you are free from your traumas. Then you have completely healed and true change can occur.

The best ways I have come across to dissolve / uninstall traumas are psychic healing, shaktipat, kundalini and bodywork therapies.

That is also why I promote these dissolving modalities and not reprogramming modalities.
By methods of dissolving, your traumas will be neutralized into free energy.
Dissolving is not reprogramming. Dissolving is not configuration. Dissolving means complete uninstallment of the traumas that you are burdened with.

Uninstall your traumas, do not reprogram them.