Non-dual Beingness

Primordial Beingness comes before light and dark. The highest state of existence is not bliss, love and light. These are emanations of what comes before. Light and dark belong to the manifested. The duality of light and dark does not truly exist.
To describe primordial Beingness with human linear language, see it as a third aspect, which creates light and dark. Light and dark exist as an expression of the third aspect.
That is why we must “go beyond the light” and “go beyond dark” – to merge with true awareness which is primordial consciousness of eternal non-dual Beingness.

This is the highest. Light is not the highest. Primordial Beingness has the energetical quality of No-Definition.
Similar to the tastelessness of water. This is the very quality of it. When you are in this state, you do not exist. There is no you, no perceiver and no doer.
There is only potent timeless static Nothingness. It is that which creates everything. You are that.
This state is not annihilation. It is the primordial Beingness before creation. We are all an expression of this. This is our one true Being.

It can also be explained like this.
The Beingness is the consciousness of the unmanifested and the manifested reality with light and dark is an everchanging created dream of the Beingness.
Beingness is dreaming all the dimensions, from the angelic realm to the demonic realm, the ETs, the humans, the ghosts, the faeries and everything in between.
Physical life is just a dream of the primordial Beingness. You are not real and the world is not real. You are just a figment and expression of Beingness’ imagination.
The consciousness of Being is the essence of all of us. Therefore when we rediscover our true Being, it is the consciousness behind creation.
Shaktipat “fabric” is a modality to “find our way back”, even though we were never lost or detached. We had simply just forgotten and that is the illusion in the denser dimensions.

Most people can not perceive beyond the light and this is normal here in the physical dimension.
The light is where we feel happy, lighthearted and life is easier. When we heal, love and let go, we rise in an upward spiral. When we condense in fear, hate and anger, we move in a downward spiral.

This makes sense in the manifested, in duality. This is linear thinking and linear perception regarding vibrations and states of reality in this dream state.
Most people live by this vibrational law in the dual perception of physical life.
But reality is much bigger than the physical and all the non-physical dimensions.

Real reality is non-dual primordial Beingness. That which comes before light and dark and it is the timeless and “continuous” creator of everything.

The highest you can do is realize your one true Beingness.